About Your Rights and Responsibilities When You Hire Wichita Roofing Companies

When you sign a contract with anyone of the Wichita roofing companies, you should know what your rights are, but also be aware of your responsibilities.

For instance, if an estimate has been included as a part of your home’s renovation contract, you are entitled to refuse paying more than an extra 10% over the contract’s original estimate, unless you have not asked for a new price or new work.

This is a strong reason to ask the contractor to include an initial estimate of the work and materials necessary to your roofing project. Even if new work should come up, the contractor should discuss it with you and obtain your permission to include it in a new estimate attached to the contract.

You are also entitles to retain up to 10% of the contractual price for a period of 45 days after the work is completed. This is helping you to acknowledge the quality of the contractor’s work and is also protecting you if the contractor did not pay the suppliers or sub-trades involved in the project.

If Wichita roofing companies tell you that the work being completed qualifies for a governmental rebate or credit, it is you who is responsible for making sure that you really qualify for it.

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