Dallas and Fort Worth Roofing Options – Tin Roofing Varieties

Not many people know that the term “tin roofing” applies not only to roof covers incorporating this material, but also to other metal roofing types, with tin plate and metal shingles among them.

Tin plate is one of the oldest metal roof varieties, as it has been used on a large scale for residential roofing projects since the 18th century. It was introduced for the first time in Canada, from where it was brought to the US, gaining popularity in a relatively short period of time.

The greatest advantage associated with tin plate is the material’s great resistance to rust. On the other hand, it does not deal very well with corrosion. This metal roof cover type is designed to last from 30 to 50 years, but its life duration can be prolonged if a coating is applied on it every few years.

Metal shingles are another product in the “tin roof” category. Forth Worth and Dallas roofing professionals say that zinc, tin and copper are among the most commonly met kinds of metal shingles. Besides having great resistance to a wide range of weather manifestations, these roof covers also enhance the building’s appearance, as they mimic clay tiles or wood shakes.

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