Denver HVAC – Advantages And Disadvantages Of Central Air Conditioners

Central air conditioners used to be a luxury in the past, but today installing them is a popular operation for Denver HVAC contractors. These systems are designed to cool home and dehumidify the indoor air, maintaining the thermal comfort.

Advantages of a central air conditioner

A good central air conditioner provide full house cooling if it is properly sized, according to the size of the served area, with ducts serving every part of your house. If a ductless system should be located in a specific place in order to be fully efficient, with a central air conditioner location is not a concern anymore.

Disadvantages of a central air conditioner

  • Travelling through the duct systems means that a percent of the cooling potential (30% according to recent studies) will be lost in the process, so a central AC is not fully energy efficient. However, many modern systems have special features that improve efficiency and performance.
  • Leaky ducts can cause energy loss. They must be cleaned every 3-5 year by professional Denver HVAC contractors, in order to stay as efficient as possible; preventive maintenance and inspections must be also done periodically.

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