Denver Roofing Options – Concrete Tiles

Another very popular roofing material among Advanced Roofing Systems contractors are concrete tiles; they are versatile, durable, fire-resistant and very appealing to the eyes. Concrete tiles are available on the market in flat or profiled shapes.

They consist of cement, sand and water in various proportions. The component material is mixed and then extruded on molds. Sometimes finishes are applied on the exposed areas of the tiles, colored by means of synthetic oxide additives. For increased strength, the tiles are then cured. Generally they have anchoring lugs on the undersides. Clay tiles are marketed in a variety of styles, profiles, finishes and colors. Special types of texture can also be added by surface treatment.

Due to the heavy weight of the concrete tiles, adequate underlying structures are a must. Roof slope should be at least 18 degrees, without exceeding 40 degrees. Asphalt-saturated, non-perforated organic felts are some of the most frequent underlying structures with concrete tile roofs.

Just like with clay tile roofing, concrete tile roofing requires, according to all Denver roofing specialists, an ice-dam membrane, applied from the roof eave upslope on at least twenty-four inches from the outside wall line of the building.

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