Denver Wedding Music Options: Bands vs. DJs

When it comes to choosing the right Denver wedding music providers, most newlyweds have trouble deciding between a DJ or a band. Here is some useful information to help you out:

A Wedding DJ

This is a more informal choice. However, it is hardly a secret why so many young couples are choosing to hire a wedding DJ instead of a band nowadays.

First of all, a DJ will be able to play music nonstop, ensuring all the guests will have the time of their lives without having to take a break or two. Plus, they can take special requests to play certain songs of various music genres.

Unfortunately, not all people are really accustomed to the informal idea of a wedding DJ. Plus, not all wedding DJs are able to play all the songs you want, since they might not have the authorization to do so.

A Wedding Band

This is the more traditional approach. The great thing about a wedding band – find a great one here – is that they can play quality live music to liven up the atmosphere. They can also engage the audience by having them sing along.

However, newlyweds should be aware that bands cannot offer constant Denver wedding music, as they have to take the occasional brake.

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