Essential Information on Stone Massage Therapy – Minneapolis Professionals Will Answer All Your Questions

Stone massage therapy, Minneapolis specialists – see – say, is no longer considered a whim only the rich and famous can afford. Its tremendous health benefits make it a necessity for a great number of people, interested in finding out new things about this form of massage.

Here is some information you may find helpful:

  • As its name suggests, the procedure involves using perfectly flat and smooth river stones for rubbing the patients’ skin, relieving pain and reducing soreness. Before using them, the stones are heated, for the muscles to relax faster under their action. When the massage stones are not needed, they are stored in a bowl with water.
  • The so-called “basaltic rocks” are among the stone varieties frequently used as instruments in stone massage therapy. The main reason for this is that they contain a great amount of metal, especially iron, retaining more heat for a longer period of time compared with other types of stone.
  • Numerous health benefits come from following a stone massage therapy session. It reduces the intensity of fibromyalgia symptoms, helps a lot in relieving pain and soreness in the back muscles, and calms the pain patients suffering from arthritis experience. Stress reduction and the induction of a relaxation state are another advantages of stone massage therapy, Minneapolis professional masseurs say.

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