Hormone Replacement Therapy – The Treatment that Helped Me Live a Normal Life Again

Many people say that hormone replacement therapy for women approaching the on-set of menopause poses just as many risks as it has benefits. While I don’t deny the risks, I must tell you that I haven’t experienced any negative effects ever since I have been taking my pills, but the positive effects are priceless.  New Spring Integrative Medicine is very helpful, and a must for anyone struggling in this area.

The worst thing in coming closer to menopause was the mood swings. I was perfectly calm one minute, then started raging the next; I was happy and content with my life one minute and completely miserable the next. It was unbearable for me just as much as for my family, so I decided to seek medical help. My doctor listened to me, then she had a look at my medical history and she requested some blood tests to determine the best way to correct my hormonal imbalance. The pills worked out just perfectly – the mood swings stopped and the other, physical symptoms ameliorated considerably, too.

If you suffer from any symptom of menopause, do get help. Hormone replacement therapy involves detailed medical testing, so you can be sure you will get the treatment customized to your own needs and tailored to the intensity of your specific symptoms.

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