Norwex Cleaning Products – Cleaning Made Safe and Simple

We all have that under the sink cabinet filled with countless cleaners and cloths; well, with Norwex cleaning products we can forget about it! Norwex solutions are simple, yet powerful. With a couple of highly efficient cloths and a cleaning paste you can do miracles.

Norwex has designed products for all your cleaning needs:

  • Microfiber cloths and for cleaning dirty surfaces, for cleaning the windows;
  • Dusting mitts for a chemical-free dusting of the entire house;
  • Mops for an efficient cleaning of the floors, even in the most difficult to reach spots;
  • Cleaning paste for a sparkling kitchen;
  • All purpose bathroom cleaner, with a highly concentrated, yet non-toxic formula for all bathroom surfaces.

Norwex aims at lowering the level of toxins in our homes, therefore all products are eco friendly. The lack of chemicals does not make the cleaners less effective. On the contrary, concentrated formulas make the products last longer, while giving outstanding results.

The microfiber cloths have a longer life span than regular cloths, as well. With their capacity of self purification, laundering is required less often, thus reducing the wear of the cloth.

Norwex cleaning products, found at this website, are not all about the hype, and they have results to prove it.

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