The Big Secret to Making Your Chevy Corvette Less Expensive to Repair and Maintain

If you want to buy a Chevy Corvette, you will certainly hear some of your acquaintances say that Corvettes are too demanding when it comes to repairs and maintenance and you would better look for another car to buy.

Their allegations are only partially true, however. A Corvette may be expensive to fix if some major components are involved and are problematic. But take any other car and you will see that the problem is the same.

If you are prepared to handle some simple maintenance operations like rotating tires, changing oil, etc., a Corvette should not be more expensive to maintain than any other sports vehicle. Moreover, all Corvettes use original Chevy parts versus exotic manufacturers, and almost all basic repairs can be made by a reputable, qualified mechanic at

As for the mechanic, when a mechanic is exclusively specialized in Corvette repairs, you can expect him to cost more than a general mechanic for the same services. This is true in any type of business: a specialist will always charge more because of the expertise he has in that given area. There may be situations when you must take your Chevy Corvette to a specialized mechanic for operations that are specific to this type of car, but this is not the usual thing to do.

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