Two Common Denver Videography Planning Mistakes

Wanting to use Denver videography services to boost the sales of your business is definitely a smart move. However, you cannot just rush into it, especially when it comes to the planning process. Here are two mistakes you must avoid at all costs:

  1. Not bothering to clean up the area where you shoot the video – Most likely, you will choose to shoot the video in your office. Well, one thing many business owners overlook is the cleaning. You might not notice the stacks of papers that piled up over time, since you got used to them. But you can rest assured that your viewers will notice them, and that will reflect poorly on your business.
  2. Trying to get the whole staff in the video – Yes, some employees might get offended that you chose to omit them, but it is for the best. Do not forget that the average length of an introduction video should be of around two to three minutes. This means that the more people you cram into the video, the less they will get to say. This is why All Digital Photo and Video Denver professionals recommend only featuring the employees you know work best under pressure in the video.

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