What Are The Best Known Denver Senior Living Facilities?

There is a wide variety of Denver senior living facilities available to seniors, but there are some more important or perhaps more popular than others like St Andrews Village.

Option 1: Aging at home. This is probably the most popular option among the seniors who want to stay close to their belongings and to the place they lived almost their whole life. This implies home care services and home modifications, in order to make your daily living better.

Option 2: Retirement village. The village concept is new. It involves the seniors remaining in their homes, without their families, and they are able to access some programs especially for those needs that are harder to accomplish: transportations, home health care, help with household chores.

Option 3: Assisted living. This is also known as residential care or sheltered housing. It is a housing option for the seniors who need help with some activities and medications. Costs vary depending on the level of the care requested by the „patient”. Staff is available 24 hours a day.

Option 4: Nursing homes. This option involves the highest level of care that a senior can receive from professional staff. They provide medical assistance and they supervise the activities.

These are the most popular 4 Denver senior living facilities.

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